Hey there! My name is Janette and …

99percent hungry
Image Credit:Thuglifeshirts.com

That is the truth and anyone who knows me will tell you as much! That’s why I started this blog because I can always be caught eating or with stuff to eat. While girls have makeup and whatnot in their bags, I’ll have snacks like I’m a soccer mom on kid duty. And no, I don’t have kids….

I love that you’ve decided to stop by my blog and I hope you’ll get a kick out of what I choose to share here. I cook for a living so updating the blog has not been that great but I intend to change that so stick around! I’m a self-taught cook I appreciate that most people want some simple but tasty recipes so that’s what I’ll post here.

I live a quiet life with my partner-in-love, Jonathan, and our cat Joi aka “King of the Jungle”.

Image credit: etsy.com

When we are not cooking, fulfilling the wishes of our cat or cleaning copious amounts of dishes, we love travel, music, movies and finding interesting places to eat. I love reading and research, and he loves “Air Craft Investigations” and old Chinese movies.  We dream of living on a self-sustaining ranch that’s equally close to the mountains and beaches (haha, I know we are right at the Equator, but that’s what dreams are…a little larger than life!)

I hope you stay and find something that you like! Thank you and have a wonderful day!

PS: Our lovely 15yr old tabby, Joi passed away on May 16 2016 via compassionate euthanization due to kidney failure. We miss him everyday!104

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